Online Giving


You have the opportunity to give a tithe or offering online if you are unable to do so at our Sunday service or have a preference for online giving. Please fill in the dollar amount you would like to give and PayPal will complete your donation.


All Donations are tax deductible. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the amount you have donated. Please submit this e-mail to the IRS for your deduction.

About Tithing

The act of tithing, as such collections are called in the church, is one of the most questioned practices in Christian living; however, tithing scriptures in the Bible tell us it is one of the greatest acts of obedience a Christian can practice.
The purpose of tithing, found in Deuteronomy 14:22-23 (NLT), is made clear: to “teach you always to fear the Lord your God.” By practicing good tithing habits, scripture tells us we are showing God our desire to put him first place in our lives.
In Deuteronomy, Christians are directed to not only give ten percent of their income, but to give their first and their best. This means Christians should strive to not only pay or take out tithes upon receiving your paycheck, but to always put God above your bills and other responsibilities.While tithing scripture lays out the foundation for why the tithe is an important part of obedience, a struggling economy or other interests can tempt us with fear or greed to skip the tithe.
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