Awana kick-off night is this Wednesday, September 6th.  All Awana Workers should be at the church before 5:30pm for a brief meeting and to make sure everything is ready for the evening activities. Parents should bring their children for registration at 6:00pm....
Awana Meeting After Service

Awana Meeting After Service

An Awana meeting will be held today immediately following the service.  All Awana volunteers or those who would like to volunteer should attend.  Awana kick-off night is September 7th.  


The 2015-16 Awana Kick-off was this past Wednesday, September 9th, and 38 chidlren registered thus far. Fourteen of those are new to our Awana program. Awana is Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm. It is not too late to sign up. You may register at awana this week, or...